Azealia Banks Dazed & Confused Cover Banned In 7 Countries

You may have already heard about Azealia Bank’s Dazed & Confused cover beeing banned in a bunch of countries. We all know how Ms. Banks courts controversy with her image and outspoken attitude, but apparently this cover has taken things too far. The image in question shows the artist blowing up a rubber with her mouth, whilst simultaneously flipping the bird. Is it so bad? Well, not to us but we can see why some would take offence. Lucky for Dazed & Confused, these sorts of things tend to stoke their brand’s notoriety, aided in part by websites like us sensationalizing the whole affair. ¬†If you’re after a copy of the September 2012 issue, you can pick one up here, but not in¬†Singapore, Dubai, Malta, Switzerland, India or Thailand.