Interested in hearing about pimpin’ in the year 2012? Well, we know a young fellow that happens to be well versed in the matter. MC Azizi Gibson has quite the background, being born in Germany, raised in Thailand, established in Maryland, and now based in LA where he stands as the latest signee to Flying Lotus label, Brainfeeder. The latest, “Sweet Space” showcases Azizi’s melodious lyricism over a smooth, slow-burning beat of fluttery strings and synths from DJ/Producer Flying Lotus, which results in a rather captivating song both young and old generations could appreciate. I cant front, I have this song on repeat. Keep an eye on this young talent, as his work ethic and desire to be a great artist, will inevitably land him in a great place within the music industry. Download the song here or stream the song here, but we highly suggest bumping this kind of artistry in your vehicle.