Banksy‘s popularity with global auidiences have certainly soared in recent years, particularly in the states, hitting New Orleans on a major level after hurricane Katrina as well as the various billboard displays and the Village Pet Store in NYC. Conveying messages and imagery that have sparked a complete new paradigm in which street art is viewed. For his hometown (Bristol), his work is even said to have boosted their tourism industry. While his work is appreciated by many, It seems that alot of people really just don’t care, In an article recently on the Evening Post, the plan of erecting a new building next to a 10 year old Banksy piece is causing quite a stir as people in the community have stated that “Banksy works in public spaces. The idea of enclosing it privatises it. It will be a huge loss to the public”.
I say just do it Kingston-style and chop the whole wall down like our fellow blogger Peter Dean Rickards.

Read more about the story at the Evening Post here.

Aside from this story in Banksy’s home town, the Obama street team has also covered one of the Banksy’s work in New Orleans. Not sure what the intentions or reasons were for this, check out the images below courtesy of supertouch .

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