On the scale of one-to-insane this car concept is right up there. In fact, in theory, it might be perfect. Brandpower recently took it upon themselves to combine the two “most beautiful” cars ever produced, the Porsche 911 and Citroen DS, as one incredible hybrid. Led by Stewart Johnson, a former engineer at Inter Box Mechanics who is considered a leader in the field, the project finally came to life and the finished product is realised as the Porsche Citroen 911 DS seen above. The project was not without its challenges, as the designers soon realised fitting a 911 engine in the Citroen was “as easy as squeezing a pumpkin into a pea pod”. Nevertheless, with a bit of cutting and reorganising, they managed to pull it off. The orange is such a nice finishing touch too. Head over here to read about the project in more detail.

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