NOWNESS presents an intriguing portrait of Craig Thornton, the acclaimed chef who views culinary experience from an innovative, artistic angle. Thornton has teamed up with artist Matthew Bone to create Cut Your Teeth, a collaborative installation at the Santa Monica Museum of Art that plays with peoples’ expectations of what the reality of food is and where it has come from. Captured by filmmaker, Jordan Bahat, in a Downtown Los Angeles loft during one of the chef’s monthly conceptual dinners, Thornton discusses how Cut Your Teeth is the culmination of ideas he’s had for the development of his restaurant, Wolvesmouth, for some time. “It is a snapshot of everything we push away to keep this perfect idealized box of what we think reality is, leaving a lot of people devoid of knowing where their food comes from.”

Following its residency at Santa Monica, Cut Your Teeth will move onto New York, where Thornton will be working with art impressiaro, Jeffery Deitch. The installation runs at the Santa Monica Museum of Art from October 16th – 26th and in New York City from November 7th – December 14th.