Dave’s Quality Meat, established in 2003, is a shop built on culture and relationships which have existed before its conception. Chris Keeffe, founder of DQM, is a New York City native who grew up immersed in skateboarding culture. He wanted DQM to ascend beyond that, but doing so would require a strong foundation. And a strong foundation is exactly what the DQM brand has been blessed with — support from the neighborhood and the skate scene was instrumental in pushing the DQM name to the forefront street culture.
In a short amount of time, DQM has established relationships with many of today’s premier imprints, and collaborated with said imprints on timeless pieces. DQM has partnered with the likes of Nike, Oakley, Lakai and Mark McNairy, just to name a few. In the same breath, the DQM team attributes much (if not all) success to their friends and family. In the realm of collaboration, the meeting of these minds has resulted in products which don’t stray too far from DQM’s long-lasting aesthetic.