You have to give it to him. Not only is he the highest paid art figure in the world, but he has just defied all odds, in this 21st century ressesion, and gone and opened himself a new retail store in London, at 14 Hinde Street in the Marylebone district. Other Criteria, the U.K. artist’s publishing and merchandising company has opened up shop to sell works including some by Hirst himself ranging from his keyrings at 3.50 pounds to prints showing pills on mirror glass shelves, from an edition of 125, at 4,000 pounds each.

“Other Criteria makes objects and books created by artists to an exceptional standard,” said Hirst in an e-mailed statement. “I don’t think art has ever been as popular as it is today and Other Criteria aims to sell affordable art of the highest quality to everyone who wants it.”

Other Criteria
14 Hinde Street
Tel: 0207 935 5550


From SuperTouch and Bloomberg