If Mark Rothko had an iPhone, would he have used it to make art? Perhaps, but as that’s a question that doesn’t really have a sensible answer, we’ll settle with the fact that Derek Brahney has gone ahead and made a number of artworks in Rothko’s signature style using a painting app on his iPhone.The paintings are created while on the subway, doing laundry, or during other idle tasks, and are inspired as much by the artist’s actual work as by the colors and textures of city life – faded paint on buildings, signage, patina, lights, etc. Brahney plans to amass enough of them to stage a small show where the paintings are displayed on iPhones in a gallery. The results are quite impressive and seem all the more relevant seeing as Rothko’s work, Orange, Red, and Yellow just became the world’s most expensive contemporary artwork ($86 million at Christie’s). For a closer look at Derek Brahney’s iPhone Rothkos, click here.