Following our preview here last week, Desillusion Magazine presents The Self Portrait Project, a film by Guilherme Guimaraes on Brazilian skateboarder and photographer, Fabiano Rodrigues. Born in São Paulo, Rodrigues initially approached photography through skateboarding, appearing in photographs as a professional skateboarder in shoots throughout Brazil and Europe. An interest in composition, motion capture and architecture propelled him to photograph other skaters in the city and since 2010, Rodrigues has been developing his own research through self-portraits.

Shooting with a Hasselblad camera using a remote control, he records the apex of his own motion in a previously planned framework. These photographs are always one off prints, exploring the history and repertoire of skateboarding movements, particularly its relationship with the city, its architecture and urban furniture. In terms of location, Rodrigues has a special interest in architectural landmarks, such as buildings designed by renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, providing another angle to his photography – now shown in art institutions throughout the world.

The video comes with a full Portfolio by Fabiano Rodrigues in the latest issue of Desillusion magazine available here.