Don Cheadle Will Direct & Star As Miles Davis In Biopic ‘Kill The Trumpet Player’

Cheadle Davis

It has just been confirmed that Academy Award Nominated actor Don Cheadle, most recently known for his portrayal of a larger-than-life business consultant in Showtime’s House of Lies, will be cast in the role of jazz legend Miles Davis in a film that will also serve as his directorial debut. Cheadle penned the script for the biopic Kill The Trumpet Player with the help of Steven Baigelman (who wrote Brothers Keeper,) and after teasing fans with rumors of the concept, he’s finally confirmed it’s existence and even provided some insight as to what we should expect. Check out Don’s comments below;

It’s not a biopic, per se. It’s a gangster pic. It’s a movie that Miles Davis would have wanted to star in. Without throwing history away, we’re trying to shuffle it and make it more cubist. The bulk of it takes place in ’79, in a period where he actually wasn’t playing. But we traverse a lot of his life, but it’s not a cradle to grave story…

I’m officially intrigued. He can’t be too much of a directorial rookie if he’s using words like “cubist” right? Ticket sold.