The 21 Mercer Street store opening party went down last Thursday night in SoHo, New York City in a huge way. This invite only party hosted approximately 500 invited guests who all came out to see the opening of the store that has had the world buzzing in recent weeks. The excitement leading up to this momentous occasion manifested itself in the form of a block party in the streets of NYC with guests enjoying complimentary libations, hot dogs, corn dogs, pretzels, ice cream, and other treats you would find at any sporting event. Mark Ronson provided the soundtrack for the evening by playing many classic New York hip-hop anthems that whipped the crowd into a frenzied state. Large clocks displaying a countdown for the opening of the store loomed over the party and once the clocks hit zero, the party came to a halt. Spike Lee took center stage to address the crowd with Roger Federer following, thus, marking the opening of the 21 Mercer Street store. People lined up patiently to await their turn to finally see first hand the efforts and final payoff for Nike and their pinnacle Nike Sportswear collection. The response was very much in favor for the event and the opening of the store, as it was the first time for many to see the product that has garnered so much media attention throughout the entire month of August. If and when you are New York City, 21 Mercer Street is a definite must for your itinerary.