Michael Leon and Stacks are on the move…

I can’t believe it’s been 11 years, but there you go. Cult of Stacks…11 Years of Stacks design and skate photography by Eric Elms, Kevin Lyons, Geoff McFetridge, Michael Leon, Evan Hecox, Paul Stec, Laura Leon, Steven Harrington, Nick Neubeck, Rick Myers, Paul Hutchison, Mark Owens, Bob Kronbauer, Matt Irving, Rob Abeyta Jr., Mike O’Meally, Jon Humphries, Joshua Petherick, Andy Jenkins, Jonathan Zawada, Gillian Schwartz, and more…

Featuring skateboarding by Reese Forbes, Dani Lebron, Sebo Walker and Cameo Wilson and presented by Charlie Trading and Beams and hosted by Kevin Lyons and Michael Leon… if you’re in Tokyo, come out and support!!

Cult of Stacks
March 18-31
Opening Reception Friday March 18 19:00-21:00
Beams-T Harajuku

After Party at Hiki Cafe 22:00-24:30