Waking up at 6am is never fun. For a few more hours of sleep this morning, I would have endured the sweet stench of cow manure. Instead, I gently threw my iPhone against the wall and dragged my carcass into the bathroom to prepare for my day. And what a day it’s been so far…

A morning spent learning about Nike 6.0, high-fiving Nigel Sylvester, learning how to make Poisson Cru, a Tahitian fish dish from surfer Michel Bourez, watching surf board shaping (LOVE), meeting cutie pie Curren Caples, PROD, catching a beetle, wearing a bib, and making new friends… Now I wait for part two and see where the rest of my day will take me. Can’t wait.

Bob Hurley

Nigel Sylvester

Seeing Converse in 3-D old school style

Hurley X Pendleton Wool Collaboration… I want it ALL!

PROD, his bling and his hair


Kenny Anderson… :)

London Bringing on the Asian Power

Jeff. This is what I had to look at while I was eating lunch. Delicious.