In recent years we have seen the passing of Harold Hunter commemorated by the skate community, and this year will celebrate the Harold Hunter Run this Saturday. With a number of names getting behind the event, providing greater voice about Hunter’s passing and the skate community as a whole. Starting at 1pm at 255 Elizabeth Street, New York a $20 donation will be rewarded with a  Nike Dri-Fit tee and post run meal so well worth getting along.

This Saturday (5/2) is the 2010 Harold Hunter Run. Be there at 1 PM and be part of a good cause.
“The Harold Hunter Run is a fundraising event that raises money for the Harold Hunter Foundation. It;s a community driven occasion that allows people from all corners to enjoy a lite run in honor of a friend, while raising money for a great cause. The mission of the Harold Hunter Foundation (HHF) is to provide inner-city youth with valuable life experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth by encouraging and sponsoring their interest in skateboarding.”

Thanks to DQM for the info.