Mykki Blanco & The Mutant Angels is artist/songwriter/rapper Mykki Blanco, producer/DJ Physical Therapy (drums) and artist Jeffery Joyal (guitar). It’s the story of a black transvestite punk and her gang of friends in the rotten apple dabbling in sex, drugs and the occult. Written by Blanco the songs are a reflection of the poems in her recently published book “From The Silence Of Duchamp To The Noise Of Boys” and are the essence of what she calls “the surreal debauched late night underworld of inner city new york”. The record is raw, stripped down and aggressive with nods to early industrial hardcore, noise music and minimal trip hop. 
The EP is available from OHWOW.

“I wanted this record to sound primitive, as if it were one of the first rock n roll records ever created, birthed from the earth, just raw essence, guitar and drums”

The record begins with the distorted monotone hum of a motor engine running in stillness to nowhere. Then Blanco begins to sing calling out ominously over the noise, chanting, almost if in a trance. This trance like way of singing is carried over into much of the material on Mykki Blanco & The Mutant Angels. Blanco sings as if her body has been seized by possession, one moment the height of a psychedelic induced euphoria, the next the pulsing aggression of a young misfit in rebellion against the diurnal realities of everyday living. “On this record I wanted to harness a certain kind of emotion that feels mutable, blank, a special ‘nothingness’ an ’emptiness’ and create rock n roll from the void. Rock n roll that wasn’t based on typical song structures, catchy hooks or popular sensibility but on strong exciting storytelling under raw heavy repetitive instrumentals allowing one to focus on the lyrics and visualize themselves right beside me as I recant the narrative.”