Like the raise of many sub cultures before it, tattooing has seen much mainstream acceptance and subsequent commercial successes in recent years. But all isn’t for gold as many feel the artistry of the craft has been jeopardized for quick fame. Enter Fellowship Supply Co., what on the outside may seem to be a well crafted tattoo suppler stand for much more then that. The Fellowship exist to promote true craftsmen of the arts while highlighting those who progress the community with their unique approach to craft. One who’s been deemed notable of the fellowship is one of the more talented young tattooers in LA; Doctor Woo. In a in-depth conversation Doctor Woo sheds light unto his start at the legendary Shamrock Social Club while apprenticing for Mark Mahoney. Woo candidly speaks about his learnings while under Mark as well as what it means to be part of the tradition. We look forward to bringing much more from Fellowship as they seek to perserve traditions.