Born and raised in London Fatsarazzi is a mastermind of the fashion industry having enjoyed a diverse career within fashion having worked with the likes of Gimme 5, GoodEnoughUk, A Bathing Ape, Silas, Vans amongst others. Fatsarazzi is perhaps most reknown at the present time for his work behind the camera lense having captured some of the most creative names around. Read how Fatsarazzi answered our ten questions below, you will not be disspointed.

SlamxHype – Whats the best thing about the place you were born?
Fatsarazzi – After every trip, I come back.

SXH – Whats your main consumer vice?
F – Camera Equipment.

SXH – Which 3 people would you want to have dinner with, if you could eat with anyone?
F – The Buddha, Charles Bukowski & Henri Cartier Bresson.

SXH – Whats your favourite website not related to streetwear, art or fashion?
F – This is one of those questions right… ok I will bite… but I will not give you the name to my favourite porn site.

SXH – Best new fashion/streetwear brand of 2008?
F – Albam

SXH – Best song thus far in 2008?
F – What is that one by the Ting Tings…I only say that ’cause my youngest son Dante does an excellent dance, & Roots Manuva did a killer version on Radio One’s live lounge.

SXH – Best decade for music?
– Tough but let me go on a limb and say ’75-’85…you know I fucking hate putting stuff into groups…

SXH – Best decade for art?
F – 60’s…but this one is not over and is doing rather well.

SXH – Songs you consider to be timeless?
F – Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
Nuthern Like the Outhern – Willis Jackson
Foxy Lady – Jimmy Hendrix
Bringing it Back – JJ Cale
Funky Drummer (the full vesrion) – James Brown
Excursions – A Tribe Called Quest
there are plenty more….

SXH – What did you have for breakfast?
F – I never eat breakfast.