Jarrett Reynolds, Nike’s Global Design Director of NSW Apparel has played a pivotal role in the success we have seen recently from Nike Sportswear. Having enjoyed some of Jarrett’s recent work like Nike Sportswear project with Loopwheeler and the Flywire Windrunner it was great to fire our customery questions his way and get some really interesting answers. Check out a more indepth interview with Jarrett in the issue 1 of ‘The New Order’.

SLAMXHYPE – Whats the best thing about the place you were born?

Jarrett Reynolds – I was born in Boston, but haven’t been back in 27 years, so I’d have to say either baked beans, MIT, or the Red Sox.

SXH – Whats your main consumer vice?

JR – Uniqlo Tee’s, Head Porter bags, iTunes Music store, vintage Nike clothing, incense, and anything with “truffles” as an ingredient at Whole Foods.

SXH – Which 3 people would you want to have dinner with, if you could eat with anyone?

JR – Someone asked me the same question recently, so i’ll pick three new people.
1. Andy Kaufman-a huge inspiration to me growing up.  I’m not sure if he was an artist or comedian (or both).  He would be entertaining dinner guest to say the least.
2. Feran Adria- Owner of El Bulli Restaurant in Spain.  I’ve never been to his restaurant, but his cook book “El Bulli 1998-2002” is what got me interested in cooking.  Hopefully Feran would do the cooking….
3. Kid Cudi- see my answer below.  I was in New York a few weeks ago, and I saw him walk past me.  I was kinda star struck. Dude is crazy talented.

SXH – Whats your favourite website not related to streetwear, art or fashion?

JR – Its pretty sad… I just looked through my bookmarks, and nearly every site is related to those three topics.  These three blogs come the closest:

SXH – Best new fashion/streetwear brand of 2008?

JR – There isn’t a brand that launched in 2008 that has gotten my attention (yet).  Thats not to say that all new streetwear brands suck, just that i’ve been insanely busy lately. I can tell you a brand that I think is doing big things for 2008, and thats Silly Thing.  Silly Thing’s new collection is amazing, as is their flagship store in Hong Kong.  Silly Thing wins my vote for best retail store for 2008.

SXH – Best song thus far in 2008?

JR – This is easy….Kid Cudi “Day ‘n’ Nite”.  Hip Hop has basically turned into garbage the past few years, but Kid Cudi gives the entire genre hope.  I can’t think of a rapper out today even close to him, and without a doubt his full length album is going to blow him up to super-stardom…Watch out Kanye, he’s coming for your title.  Fools Gold..best label of 2008 and beyond!

SXH – Best decade for music?

JR – No time like the present.

SXH – Best decade for art?

JR – Same as above.

SXH – Songs you consider to be timeless?

JR – Stevie Wonder “I was made to love her,” Dr. Dre “Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang,” Nirvana “Heart shaped box,” Metallica “Fade to Black,” Kanye West “Hey Mama.”

SXH – What did you have for breakfast?

JR – Greens+ Chocolate Energy Bar, Green Tea, Vitamins, and a spoonful of my fiances cereal.