To continue a select group of names for our collection of mini interviews we have asked the mastermind of FALSE and also many things you see here on SLAMXHYPE, Le Messie to share his answers. Always interesting to find out a bit more from the influential names in the street scene, this is no exception.

SLAMXHYPE – Whats the best thing about the place you were born?

Le Messie – The local cuisine and the mash of cross cultures and more even. Singapore is a truly beautiful place.

SXH – Whats your main consumer vice?

LM – Gadgets, cheese & wine… Amanda and myself share these obsessions.

SXH – Which 3 people would you want to have dinner with, if you could eat with anyone?

LM – My grandfather, as I didn’t have the chance to spend quality time with that great man when he passed. The other 2 people would be his father (my great grandfather) and his brother (my granduncle) that were be-headed here in Singapore during WWII for espionage. The table of joyous interesting stories and laughs that would be shared would be priceless.

SXH – Whats your favourite website not related to streetwear, art or fashion?

SXH – Best new fashion/streetwear brand of 2008?

LM – My apologies as I have not been following new brands this year.. although I think any brand that has the order of even garnering an audience be placed in that position on a yearly basis. I believe many independent brand owners will say it’s not an easy task.

SXH – Best song thus far in 2008?

LM – Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance

SXH – Best decade for music?

LM – Music is timeless…

SXH – Best decade for art?

LM – Art is timeless…

SXH – Songs you consider to be timeless?

LM – Continuing on with the above…

SXH – What did you have for breakfast?

LM – Granola Bar and some whispers of summer to wash it down.