LA native Steven Daily has given his time to answer our customary questions. Artist slash illustrator, Daily has a resume to envy having put together two children’s book’s with Writer artist  Roman Dirge, “It ate billy on christmas”, With dark horse publishing, and “Peter the pirate squid” with slg graphics. He also boast as a Bloc 28 artist for disney, while his roots are in graffiti Daily put that aside in 2004 and has shown in galleries around the world. Having worked on many mediums over the years Daily has confessed to being completely obsessed with secret society’s and conspiracy theory’s.

SLAMXHYPE – What’s the best thing about the place you were born?

STEVEN DAILY – Nothing, I was born in Fontana California. I lived in La Siera, but my mom was in no way going to have a baby at riverside general.

SXH – Whats your main consumer vice?

SD – Video Games, apple products, and Taxidermy.

SXH – Which 3 people would you want to have dinner with, if you could eat with anyone?

SD – John Devitt Stringfellow Pendlebury (the Real indiana jones) , HANS MEMLING, Ian Curtis

SXH – Whats your favourite website not related to streetwear, art or fashion?

SD – Geekologie, gizmodo,

SXH – Best new fashion/streetwear brand of 2008?

SD – It’s not out yet, but I would say Butcher Block.

SXH – Best song thus far in 2008?

SD – She So Heavy, Lo Echo.

SXH – Best decade for music?

SD – MId ninety’s

SXH – Best decade for art?

SD – 2040 , no the renasaunce era. I love the old masters.

SXH – Songs you consider to be timeless?

SD – Any thing by, Joy division, radiohead, Beethoven, or  black sabath

SXH – What did you have for breakfast?

SD – Nuthing yet, I had a Gravy schmuffin yesterday.