British producer Forest Swords (Matthew Barnes) debuts his latest musical output this week – a video to his stunning track ‘Thor’s Stone’, directed by Dave Ma. Ma, who has directed videos for the likes of Foals and The Horrors, cast Madrid-based dancer Guzman Rosado as the video’s star, bringing to life his vision of a life form struggling to gain control of his movements under the influence of the music that plays over the images.

‘Thor’s Stone’ is taken from Forest Swords’ second album, Engravings, a sitrling effort that took the producer over 18 months to perfect. Speaking with NOWNESS who premiered the video, Barnes says, “I’m a perfectionist. I spend a long time working on one sound or texture to make sure it’s exactly how I want it. It’s like tweaking a key in a door, and then suddenly it unlocks.” We think it shows.