GmbH located in the Modern Institute Gallery Space at 14-20 Osborne Street in Glasgow’s Merchant City is a vibrant resource space for contemporary cultural product and high quality specialist publications. The space which can encourage and support the Glasgow creative community providing access to the best international print media of all kinds, from high-gloss print to fanzines. The project, created and run by enterprising young duo Jamie Kenyon & Neil McKie, is intended to fill the current gap in Glasgow for an experienced outlet for specialist print dedicated to art, culture and design.

After the demise of the large Borders outlet on Buchanan Street here in Glasgow, there was no longer easy access to purchase a wide range of fashion, arts and culture publications.  With GmbH now open the selection of specialist publications available (including The New Order Issue 3) is far greater than Borders had and is definitely worth a visit if you are in town.

Check the website out here