Golden Goose have released a line of 100 limited edition skateboards with each board featuring a print by one of 10 artists who participated in the Venice in Venice art exhibition. As part of their 10th anniversary, Golden Goose was the sponsor supporter of the 54th International Art Exhibition A- la Biennale de Venezia. A side event of the exhibition was Venice in Venice A- Glow, and Reflection A- Venice California Art from 1960 to the Present – celebrating one century of the Californian Venice, homeland of skaters, surfers and wild beaches close to Los Angeles, in Venice. The two Venice are both essential sources of inspiration for the creation and the poetry of Golden Goose. Artists who created the prints are Billy Al Bengston, Peter Alexander Chuck Arnoldi, Ron Cooper, Jim Evans, Jim Ganzer, George Herms, Ed Moses, Steve Olson and Ken Price. (via Aloha Rag)