Harold Hunter Foundation 2013 Skate Camp Scholarship Fund

harold hunter 2013 skate camp scholarship fund

The late Harold Hunter was influential to the skate scene in NYC and continues to be through the Harold Hunter Foundation Skate Camp Scholarship Fund. The foundation was posthumously founded and is dedicated to use skateboarding as a vehicle to provide inner-city youth with valuable life experiences that nurture individual creativity, resourcefulness and the development of life skills. For 2013, they are seeking $10,000 to send 25 kids to Woodward Skate Camp in Pennsylvania.

Besides the personal satisfaction of giving back, donations come with certain perks including: a DEADLINE x HHF tee and deck, UXA x HHF tee and deck, a limited edition signed copy of Giovanni Reda’s “The Harold Book”, amongst other things.

Shown in the gallery above is the DEADLINE x HHF tee and deck which depicts Harold Hunter and Justin Pierce in the movie KIDS, illustrated by ArchOne.

As someone who’s life was personally affected by skateboarding, this cause is dear to my heart and to a lot of people. As of right now they are about $1,500 away from their goal of $10,000.

Go here to donate.