The rapidly growing Instagram phenomenon, if nothing else, has been an all-but-subtle reminder of one thing for sure – people love photography. And like every other technological advance its senior, Instagram – although a incredible digital tool inspired by an age-old hobby and trade, has sparked a desire by some to see the beloved “Polaroid” style images translated into a tangible format. Welcome, Instaprint. While the concept of printable Instagram photos is not entirely new, it is Instaprint’s user-friendly approach that separates it from the pack. Each Instaprint box will house a set of geo-localized tags and hashtags. Instagram users can tag their images with hashtags or geo-tags and the wireless Internet-enabled Instaprint will shoot out an inkless, instant picture. Clocking in at roughly the size of an average lunch box, Instaprint not only shines through its nostalgia-giving image quality but also through its expertly thought out aesthetics that combine injection molding to cast a round-cornered pristine finish.

Further information about the Instaprint can be found at the Kickstarter page where you can also pledge support to help see the project to fruition and even possibly secure your very own once it hits production.


Source: Hypebeast

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