Its not often you run into a talent that forces you to create a completly new category on your blog just to be able to make a formal introduction to the world but here we are. The talent, Labrinth the 21 year old producer, composer, and writer who hales from the UK. His talent wasn’t immediately apparent until further research led  me to the massive hit he has produced this year, ‘Pass Out’, and ‘Frisky’ performed by equality brilliant Tinie Tempah, but it didn’t stop there. Recently signed to Syco (Simon Cowell’s record label) Labrinth has solo career aspirations that by judging from the pieces he has let go to other artist or their project will be pretty devestating. He is reading the release of his first single ‘Let The Sun Shine’ which is featured further in the reading and has already garnered serious praise from any and everyone who has heard it in it entirety.  If you dig deeper you find his Transmission video logs, which give an, albeit Avant Garde, look at Labrinth and his music. Be fair warned the videos are a trip unto themselves but interesting none the less. So salute to you Labrinth thank you for forcing our hand and creating our newly formed Introducing monolog. So without further adieu Introducing… Labrinth.
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