Taking his cues from Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests of the 1960’s, Jake Davis has filmed rapper A$AP Rocky in the first of a series of his own Screen Tests. In the photographer’s own words:

“I’ve always been interested in what makes an icon. Superstars can do pretty much anything in front of the camera and we stay intrigued. Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests are a true example of that. I’ve wanted to do a modern take on them since the success of Test Shots. So when my good friend, one of the most creative people I know, Matty Williams was photographing A$AP Rocky for Vogue Homme Japan and asked if I’d be interested in directing a collaborative film with Rocky as the subject, I thought Warhol’s Screen Tests would be a great starting point. I knew Rocky and Matty would get it and add all the right little accents. With styling from Simonez Wolf I thought we could definitely capture a pivotal moment in Rocky’s career as well as the culture.”