Are you currently into #menswear? Well you definitely should be, because there are a lot of looks for Fall that women should be rocking.

First and foremost, taking a menswear approach to your wardrobe is going to be way more comfortable than lacing yourself into that Herve Leger bandage dress and those red bottom pumps. Have you ever heard a guy complain about not being able to breathe in his blazer? Neither have I. Second of all, it looks effortless, and nothing is cooler than effortless.

As with any trend, the easiest way to integrate it into your wardrobe is slowwwwlyyyyyyyyy. Baby steps, people. You don’t need to do an immediate head-to-toe makeover, it’s far more believable if you ease into it. So convince your man to stop wearing his Supreme five panel hat, suggest that his hair looks cute when styled, then borrow (steal) the hat and let’s get started.

The Trouser Pant

Simple and sleek, these pants are perfect for beginning our foray into menswear. Easily dressed up or down, you can cuff them to show a little ankle (and give your shoes a chance to shine), or wear uncuffed for a fully classic look. Pair with a tall pointy pump for maximum sensuality, or a low cut brogue and patterned socks for a more comfortable and city friendly fit.

The Blazer

The options are endless! Or at least extremely varied. Whether you go oversized, embellished, perfectly tailored, embroidered, or find a unique thrifted treasure, blazers are the perfect menswear wardrobe staple. Easily paired with your matching trousers for a head to toe menswear inspired look (keep the top simple or else you risk overwhelming the look entirely), or just as easily paired with jeans for a dressed up casual look, blazers are extremely versatile. Want to take it just a bit more feminine? Wear it over a dress for extra warmth and style, or pair with lace/ leather shorts and rocker tee for a little extra edge.

The BF Jean

Debatably #menswear, this is a staple piece that must be touched upon. Our favorite pair of BF jeans are slouchy, just a little distressed, and super worn in. Make it super streetwear (à la Aaliyah) by them wearing over a pair of cK boxer briefs and a crop tee, or keep it classic with a perfectly faded white tee and a pair of pumps. Basically the equivalent of wearing a pair of pajama pants in public, except more pleasurable to look at.


A little head action goes a long way (Yes, that sounded weird.) Seriously though, throwing on a hat can make or break your whole look. Wide brim fedoras look great with a tank and trouser pants, or even paired with a flowy dress and heels. Beanies are not only a cold weather necessity, they can also can add a grungy or ‘street’ feel to an ensemble. We love beanies with crew necks, sweaters, dresses… you name it! Snapbacks, fitteds, and five panels have been getting styled into outfits in versatile ways as of late, so pair yours with a graphic tee and jeans for a super-comfy,-yet-totally-kickass look. For something more “pulled together”, try it with a button-down layered under a sweater and then paired with a skirt.

The Details, Details, Details

Details are everything. But we don’t have to tell you that. Whether you want to try rocking suspenders, glasses, bow ties, chunky watches, cravats, or ties, details are the key. Wearing all of these at once will make you look like you’re auditioning to be in the next Harry Potter movie, so be selective about which piece you wear.

Love you, mean it.