Sometimes you are presented a piece of work from an artist and you just connect with it right away. That was / is the case with 21 year old singer / producer Jimi Nxir’s “Thundher”A few months back I had the privilege to listen to few of the burgeoning artist work, courtesy of Josh Kissi, as he was beginning to craft his forth coming project GXLD, but there was one track that just stood a bit taller then the rest. “Thunder” rides the lines of a new wave of progressive music that has found its way to the surface a bit. A mix of sparse airy production and heavily saturated vocals create a world that draws in it listeners.  The video for Nxir’s latest single does the same as the “hardly there” singer invites viewers in on his journey. We’ll be featuring more from Mr. Nxir in due time but for those interested you can find his offerings here.