We’re always excited by a new DOOM release, so it was a happy day when we heard word of his new joint with Jneiro Jarel, going under the moniker, JJ DOOM. To promote their upcoming show at the RizLab, the duo have created an exclusive mix for Dazed Digital which you can check out below. JJ DOOM will perform at the RizLab at Bestival, alongside artists from two of the dopest labels out there, Ninja Tune and Big Dada – a show not to miss if you’re in the area. To accompany the mix, Dazed Digital conducted a brief interview with the pair.

Dazed Digital: DOOM recorded most of his vocals for the album in London, which is very much reflected in his lyrics, whereas you produced the beats for the record at your studio in New Orleans, did the city inspire the sound of the album in any way?
Jneiro Jarel: I’m a huge fan of jazz, and to be in the city were it was born, music is in the air. I actually went to this place called The Music Box which is out in New Orleans, it’s like a music park with instruments made out of just random things; like bicycle spokes, telephone lines, and water. One had sounds coming out of the instrument through water, that’s why I called the intro to the album ‘Waterlogged’, because it was an organ that was pumping out air into a water tank making this bubbly sound.

DD: Would you have preferred to have been in the same studio throughout the recording of the album?
Jneiro Jarel: We tried that, we were neighbours in Los Angeles. We’d always get up and try to vibe with music. But the problem with us is that because we’re friends, we always get distracted, we’d get talking, talking about the old days and what music used to be and then you realise you don’t actually get any work done. So we actually work better when we’re not with each other. I think I work better alone and I think he does too and I think that’s the special chemistry that we have.