Why are Kevin Hart’s shirts so small?

Kevin Hart‘s comedic romp Think Like A Man Too has been crushing the box office since its release last weekend (the flick made $30 million on its opening weekend, beating out 22 Jump Street and covering its $24 million budget in one fell swoop). And as such, Mr. Hart is quickly cementing his status as one of the most bankable comedic stars in the game.

What does that mean? He’s making a boatload of money, not just off his movies, but off his stand-up comedy specials, and he’s been upgrading his wardrobe accordingly. From Alexander McQueen harness-detailed polo shirts – to Saint Laurent silk, palm-print button-downs – to a whole slew of Givenchy pieces, his shirt game is tight … both figuratively — and quite literally. The 5′ 2″ comedian seems to be wearing extra-small pieces. (Perhaps in an effort to compensate for his small stature? Is it just good “branding”?)

Regardless of the reason, check out our gallery of Kevin Hart’s designer shirts above. If you really want to show off your bulging muscles (and have the budget to accomplish this in designer shirts), consider taking some style cues from our favorite little guy. *Editor’s note: please don’t.*