The influence of Kraftwerk on today music is as far reaching as any music act within the last 2 decades. As progressive as their music was for their time, it still manages to push the envelope inregards to their sonic exploration as well as visual experimentations. To hear of an absolutely special opportunity to experience their music live at the MoMA not only makes supreme sense but may be one of the more interesting exhibits to happen within the year. Over the span of 8 nights, MoMA will open its doors to the German outfit for a live performance of one of their studio albums with additional compositions to follow each performance. All in 3D.


Once the exhibition was announced each night sold out almost immediately leaving much of the world darkened to the experience that will be had during the month of April. It will be announced today that VW has teamed up with Kraftwerk as well as MoMA to giveaway 50 pairs of tickets to each night’s truly special and rare experience, as well as 500 pairs of tickets to the temporary exhibition at MoMA PS1 that will be held April 12- May 14th. allows for fans to sign up and enter the giveaway with fans creating GIFs to show their support for an additional entry to the contest. A brillant idea for a potentially life shaping experience.