It’s always welcome news to hear of a new publication by Daido Moriyama, a photographer who  has continually sought new ways of presenting and recontextualizing his work, frequently recasting his images through the use of different printing techniques, installation, or re-editing and reformatting. His latest printed work, Labyrinth, sees Moriyama return to his contact sheets from the past five decades, selecting previously known images as well as ones never before published. The pages offer reproductions of original contact sheets; sequences of new contact sheets made from recombined negative strips, which juxtapose images from the 1950s with those from the past ten years; and selections of individual images, both familiar and newly discovered. THrough this process, Moriyama has made public a project in reconsideration he has assigned himself. At 304 pages, Labyrinth will surely make for enjoyable reading. Pick up a copy at

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