If you are like me, then you leave everything to the last minute. Like a Halloween costume decision. It can be overwhelming. So much to choose from. But have no fear because I’ve decide to throw you all a bone today and narrow things down. Like Picasso’s blue period, you have to limit your options in order to find true genius so this year, you need to pick a costume based on photo campaign for Supreme.

When you think about it, it’s actually kind of perfect. Supreme is dope, the campaigns are all celeb driven, and no one will have the same costume as you.
Before you attempt any one of these make sure you have a Supreme Tee. Otherwise, this is kind of useless.  Here are my top  7 options for tonight:
This one is only for those of you that have perfect bodies, amazingly smooth skin, and a white tee onesie. Just put on your best

Barbadian accent, and learn all the lyrics to “Pour It Up”.
Kermit The Frog
You either need a lot of green body paint, a green spandex suit, or green thread and a team of Malaysian sweatshop workers. Also, don’t be Kermit.
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Borrow a cigarette butt, a blond wig and something cheetah from your chain smoking grandmother, and walk around with your best bored model stare.
Lady Gaga
This is a great option for thin, pale, androgynous men and/or women with bleached blond hair.
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson
Face tattoo. The. End.
Lou Reed
Lou Reed
This isn’t just easy (a black Supreme tee, ray bans, and jeans), it’s timely.

Also, if anyone accuses you of not having a “real” costume, remind them that you’re paying tribute to a rock legend who died this year, and tell them to go fuck themselves.
Raekwon + Elmo
Steal a child’s Elmo doll, buy suspenders, wear a backwards hat, and walk around with an 90’s boom box blaring Wu-Tang Clan (gun optional).

Have fun out there tonight and try not to get too wasted.