On December 12, LN-CC Recordings officially launched with four separate releases celebrating the work of legendary Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera. LN-CC worked directly with Manzanera to create a series of remixes in collaboration with some of the best and most diverse contemporary artists in the world, including Detroit legend Theo Parrish and pioneer of the cosmic scene Daniele Baldelli. The official launch took place this week at the LN-CC store space, featuring a live interview and Q & A with Phil Manzanera himself.

Kenji Takimi is the head of cult Tokyo label Crue-L Records, who have been at the forefront of underground dance music in Japan since 1991. In this video, Takimi talks exclusively to LN-CC about what makes Manzanera’s work so special to him, and the thinking behind his ‘Being Borings’ remix of the track, ‘Criollo’.