The Long Live Southbank initiative presents an educational campaign film showing the 40 year history of Southbank – one of London’s most unique cultural sites – the 9 month campaign to protect it, and the true story of its intended destruction by the Southbank Centre. London’s skateboard community and LLSB supporters have been campaigning for the preservation of Southbank (Undercroft) since the Southbank Centre’s Festival Wing plans were first revealed. As the world’s oldest surviving skate spot, Southbank holds significance as an authentic, organic part of London and the UK’s skateboarding identity, holding out in stark contrast to the increasingly commercialised aspects of the sport elsewhere in the world. In the words of LLSB: “This is not about denying the expansion of access to culture, this is about the questioning of the integrity of archaic hands that seek to stifle and silence culture. We are the voice of young people who stand for the future of artistic and cultural expression in an ever-changing world, for everyone. Not on paper, but in practice.”

Directed by Henry Edwards-Wood, watch the short film above and contemplate the bigger picture.