After nearly a decade of Mixed Tapes, Mercedes-Benz have released the 50th addition of the compilation with a cover by Craig Rednman, a.k.a. Darcel Disappoints. The eclectic track list features songs by Paradise Animals, Red Sails, Kognitif, Desert Blues and more, in line with Mercedes-Benz’s support of fresh new artists. You can download the Mixed Tape here or on spotify.

Mixed Tape #50 Playlist: 
Coastal Lines feat. Allie Hughes — Paradise Animals; 
Lover — Young Hare; 
Nocturnal — The Sea Life; 
Unreal Love — Vows; 
Sure Enough — Red Sails
; Turn Around — Miu; 
Rocket Trip — Kognitif; 
Just A Place — Kurare feat. Theo Steuernagel
; Actress — Steady Sun; 
Donnie — New Desert Blues