Adidas"Wawa Aba" African Cup of Nations Match Ball

Adidas and Nike have always been behind some of the most recent innovative ideas we see in footbal (or soccer dending you location) and this latest football design from the German sportswear giants Adidas is very impressive in many ways. Designed for the African Cup of Nations in January/February in 2008 the ball incorterates colours from the Ghanain flag who are the host nation and has been christened with the name ‘Wawa Aba’. A name that involves many references from a symbol of persistence and the belief in strength and team spirit of the community as well the wawa aba seed of the wawa tree is among the strongest and most usable woods in Africa which proves how far the sport has grown in the comtinent over recent years, you will see the majority of players represented at the tournament show there talent regularly at the top clubs in Europe. All in all Adidas have outdone themselves here…

Thanks to Hypebeast for the info.