Artist Profile: Aya Uekawa

The daunting talent of Japanese painter Aya Uekawa is overwhelming, with potential for even more big things to come. Now based in New York, the 29 year old painter has managed to escape the Japanese postmodern art movement which is influenced by manga and anime and has provided the art world with her own distinctive style blending styles borrowed from the Flemish figurative masters and the decorative arts, resulting in a series of fascinating and obsessively rendered tableauxs that seem like stills from introspective dreamscapes. Aya’s work can more compared with great Europen artist’s rather than those from her homeland with a feature of the work she produces is contrasting elements of three-dimensional portraiture with 2D background and clothing treatments. Expect to see more from Aya Uekawa in the near future…

Thanks to SuperTouchBlog for the info.