Bill Cosby’s Koos Van Den Akker Sweaters Up For Auction

This news will come as a welcoming surprise for fans of Bill Cosby and the Cosby Show, a show which enjoyed iconic status during the 80’s. Three typical Mr Huxtable sweaters have appeared for auction for charity, actaully worn by Bill Cosby on the set these sweaters not only epitomize his character but allow you to own a part of television history. Worn between seasons three-eight, the sweaters also feature a hand-signed letter from Mr. Cosby and one from the sweater designer, Koos Van Den Akker. With the starting bid at $5,000 you will be glad to hear the money goes to a great cause with the Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation who equips teachers, parents and students with the practical information and educational tools needed to understand and address the needs of all learners before they experience the corrosive effects of frustration and failure are the benafactors.

Thanks to Cool Hunting for the info.