Derek Kirk Kim Feature

Cartoonist Derek Kirk Kim turned down the chance to work on Superman and Spiderman, has produced such acclaimed work as his multiple-award-winning anthology Same Difference and Other Stories. This interesting character who showcases his work on his website lowbright has had his work featured by the good people of Theme Magazine. Check out this great write up here.

But then, cartoonist Kim clearly thrives on missed orgasmic opportunities. Strips from his online compendium,, and his multiple-award-winning anthology Same Difference and Other Stories, showcase the bitter travails of being an artistic, neurotic, and sexually frustrated male. Kim willingly flays open his inner pain—from pubic issues to rejections from beautiful K-girls to a rather dark solution for eternal virginity —for comedic effect. And like writer/artist comics icons Chris Ware and Robert Crumb, Kim infuses what could be sad stories with craft and self-knowledge, and a sweet intelligence shines through the darkness.