Digby and Iona Fall 2008 Collection

Digby And Iona brings us a little bit of the intrepid traveler in all of us, and a bit of the nostalgia of 19th century British and English accessory mystique in their new 2008 Fall Jewelry Collection. Inspired by times of old, the jewelry line features components of intrigue, pursuit and espionage, with each piece designed as a separate curiosity complete with its own peculiar dated functionality. A clear example of this is what is seen in the pieces contained in the line, some of which are a pair of monocle’s that double as a faux-mustache, a necklace with a miniature telescope charm, and an rustic style brass compass. The before mentioned list is not nearly exhaustive, to veiw the complete line and possibly purchase a tidbit of your own, please visit the shop Catbird. Thanks to Catbird for Images.