HTC Jewellery

HTC which means Hollywood Trading Company have a huge following especially in Japan with fine leather belts, jewellery and accessories inspired by the 1930’s to 50’s. Zip Stevenson owner and designer of HTC was born in New York and now resides in Los Angeles after helping establishing a vintage denim boutique by the name of Denim Doctor in the early 90’s. Stevenson tried sourcing vintage studded leather belts but as he searched far and wide. he found that these original belts were an extremely rare and almost impossible to consume.  This inspired him to design and make his own using the same hand-made techniques initially used to produce the original belts and what began as a small scale production for his store and special custom orders for boutiques like L.A.’s Fred Segal and Paris’ Colette has now lead to a full fledged operation reaching out to many new and interesting pieces. The jewellrey has been taken to the next level and Honeyee have done a small feature n there latest items which are available at Jack Of All Trades in Tokyo, Japan. Whether you are a collector of fine pieces or just interested in the design these rings are very interesting and highly detailed, HTC is perhaps the new Chrome Hearts…