Life In The Clouds

This magnificent whale-shaped ‘Manned Cloud’ is in its very early stages of creation, the brilliance of the concept of French designer Jean-Marie Massaud’s developed in conjunction with French national aerospace research body ONERA cannot be doubted. This enormous designer combines the early 20th century trend of Zeppelin flight with the finest and most luxurious means of travel never seen before providing a bird’s eye view of some of the finest  places in the world in a hotel enviroment. Planned to accommodate up to 40 passengers and 15 staff members in the utmost of luxury…

Japanese company JTB began offering Zeppelin NT cruises around Central Tokyo November last year although be it at a price of many peoples monthly pay packet for an hour and a half this was the first of its kind in Japan. Perhaps this is a sign the ‘Manned Cloud’ is not far prom production.

Info from SuperTouchBlog and the Japan Times