New ANP Quarterly

One of my favourite publications and certainly one of the best Art publications available. ANP Quarterly has released its latest issue, the following excertt is from DMOTE’s blog.

"This issue features old friends Aaron Rose and Ari Marcopoulos visiting the notoriously snarky and goat-getting Harmony Korine and they got him to say everything, seriously, finally the real story behind his landmark career in confrontation. Regular ANPQ contributor David Horvitz sits down with his mentor, contemporary photography legend Uta Barth, to have an incredibly heartfelt conversation about inspiration, career, working practice and other things that close friends discuss. Also, though there have been many beautiful reproductions of his art out there, we have never seen an interview with Tomoo Gokita ever…except the one here. And actually, the thing about Wildfire Wildfire and the current state of underground art music in Baltimore fits into this pattern as well…as does as the New York Art Book Fair, and the artwork and DIY approach of Mark McCoy and his notorious hardcore record label Youth Attack, both of which are included in this issue as well. Huh. But then again, we’re giving space to artists Ashley Macomber and Leigh Ledare, both of whom are just warming up in the world, but have so so much more to come and we’re beyond honored to have them in here. And there’s more…