Nike Be True Chronicles

The Nike Dunk Be True Chronicles have continud in fine fashion with the Splatter, a release which represened what was happening on the streets and the Foot Action releases which defined the movement of today. The Splatter was a Dunk that changed production in the early years by transforming what is called D.I.Y and kids marking their own sneakers with their own personal touch as Nike took this attitude to create a sneaker with all that flavor. The Foot Action issues of the Dunk date back to 1997, which was in a big way the return of the Dunk and well before the sneaker boutiques we know of today, the sneaker made its return in three epic colourways, white/grey, white/black and white/blue. What happened next is a story of mass proportions which we all know too much about…

Take a look at all the Chronicles at the Nike Dunk Be True website and look forward to many more.