P.A.M. x CLOT Pizza Party Hoodie Release

Here is another look at the P.A.M. x CLOT Pizza Party Silk Jacket celebrates this common bond of cross cultural pizza love between well, everyone but more specifically P.A.M. and CLOT in this case. Inspired by P.A.M.’s love for taleggio, brocolli & chilli and Edison Chen’s love for pepperoni, CLOT’s love for wood-ear fungus & bamboo shoot and everyone’s love for pizza! CLOT and Edison Chen approached P.A.M. about this collaboration wanting to ‘half n half’ with CLOT silk. P.A.M. describes the collaboration as 100% fun ‘it was fun to work with those guys because they like pizza! And they’re cool." It takes form as a reversible hooded jacket on one side is the 100% Clot Silk, while the other is 100% P.A.M. pizza print. All packaged in the extremely ‘POP’ Pizza Box- Mamamia! It’s a P.A.M. x Clot Pizza Party!

The hoodie is up for grabs now exclusively online and in-store at Someday in Australia and at Juice in Hong Kong…