Last week we presented Eric Elms and his designs for Patta’s sweater project "3 the Hard Way, Triple Threat, Patta Reworked". The third and final artist in this project is Delta.

"For as long as I can remember whenever a conversation about graffiti popped up, the name Delta was mentioned. Amsterdam-based artist Boris Tellegen, better known as Delta, is widely known as a pioneer of 3D styles, combining his study of industrial design engineering with his graffiti art, thus creating architecturally inspired and visually spectacular works. He skillfuly experiments with a variety of mediums in order to create his futuristic paintings, prints, 3D sculptures, installations and what have you.

Ever since he started his own studio in the 90’s he has also gone on to work on countless projects ranging from DJ Vadim to Nike, Gravis to Calvin Klein, Stüssy to WESC. Over 10 million people worldwide actually own a piece of Delta in their homes, most probably without even knowing. Just grab a copy of Linkin Park’s Meteora album and find out!

For this project Delta created a cut up collage for Patta in his instantly recognisable style." More at Patta’s blog at Slam.