While in Ireland for Jameson’s The Housewarming celebration last week, we met up with Oisin Davis, partner and potion master at one of Dublin’s most renowned food and drink spots, the Damson Diner. The Diner is well known for its spirit concoctions that see Oisin infuse Irish whiskey and other drinks with local plants, berries and spices that he forages for along the city riverbanks and local countryside, giving the spirits a completely unique, fresh flavour.

Super animated after his presentation on infusions in the Trend Lab, we managed to talk Oisin into inventing a new cocktail for SLAMXHYPE, and we’ve recreated the recipe below for you to try for yourself. Given the rise of ‘back shots’ in the cocktail world recently, we’ve opted for this method rather than a traditional mix, and while Oisin took us on a ramble through the Jameson distillery grounds to search for elderberries he assures us you can find them pretty much anywhere in the western world. Mix yourself a ‘JameSlam’ – we can’t recommend it enough.

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Elderberries (1 Tablespoon)
Sugar Syrup (15ml)
Orange Bitters

serves 1

1. Muddle the elderberries and sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker (By muddling you’re pushing the berries down with a spoon, releasing the juice, flavours and colour.) As Oisin says, “squash the fuck outta them”.

2. Throw in three dashes of Orange bitters. This will counteract the sweetness and give the mix extra depth.

3. “Shake the shit out of it”. (30 seconds).

4. Now, pour a shot of Jameson into a shot glass.

5. Double strain your Elderberry mixture into a second shot glass.

6. Throw back the Jameson.

7. Follow it with the “back” shot.


As Oisin eloquently puts it, “It’s fucking amazing. The elderberry concoction cleanses the harshness of the whiskey, while the orange bitters compliments it even further. Elderberry and orange are natural bed partners which go brilliantly with Jameson.”

And there you have it – an original cocktail by Oisin Davis and SLAMXHYPE. Enjoy.

Photography: Ben McMahon