During my recent visit to Hong Kong, I was agitated after the perfect “8-hour-rest” in the hotel. I decided to pay Tom Hung a visit, I was told this man will take me to everything I would be interested. A little stroll in Milk magazine’s HQ, there stood Tom Hung, a noble gentleman, a brilliant writer, an uncompromising collector.


Tom Hung spent 18 months traveled across China in search of objects that represent what I called the “Made In China for Chinese People” era. There is a long period of time I was sick of hearing the -“ Made In China” cliché. Tom made this beautiful book that brought me to the time when products were designed and made for Chinese people. It is very different from some foreign brand came to a Chinese factory and made exactly what they are selling in its home country, using possibly less quality materials and assume Chinese people will be aspired to anything western.


Tom Hung’s “ Made in China” book is a collection of product that was produced from the 50s to 80s. From everyday household products, toys, and fashion to music instruments. Each chapter tells you the historical significant of the object.




Tom’s office is cluttered with magazines and some of his objection of heritage objects.



I wish I can buy this very first issue of Japanese magazine “Relax” off him, dated back September 1999 with its original name “ Relucks”.


Thank you for the kind words Tom!

For more on Tom Hung check out his blog: